Latest UPDATE from Project Psalms…

Just got an update from the producers of Project Psalms:

“by the grace of God Project Psalms has now finished recording all 150 Psalms from the Scottish Psalter of 1650, including both versions of 13 of the Psalms.

We are now left with the task of Editing/Mixing, Mastering, CD Package Production, and Postage. We estimate that we will only need another $8,645.00 to complete the project. We are looking for larger donors now (in the range of $500-$1,000.00, or the whole lot!). Of course people who want to donate less than $500.00 are welcome to, however they will not receive the physical CD compilation and booklets.

Once the costs are covered, the MP3’s will be available for free download online for all to use without restrictions on non-profit reproduction and distribution.”

To learn more about Project Psalms, go to their website Project Psalms.

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UPDATE on Project Psalms

I received the following update from Project Psalms:

Dear All,

We just wanted to let you know that by the grace of God we are back in the studio in Brisbane, QLD, Australia and are now working our way through recording the Psalter.

The project was delayed due to lack of funding, but by the grace of God we have managed to get back on track and continue recording. So far, Psalm 1 up to Psalm 31 in their entirety (every verse/stanza accounted for) have been recorded.

We hope to get up to Psalm 60 with our current funds and are continually looking for more funding to complete the project.

The budget for the project was re-visited and has been restructured and was managed to work to reduce the overall estimated costs. Our initial budget estimate was >$27,000.00, however if we can do most of the CD duplication and production of the package in-house in smaller quantities, the budget cost can reduce to <$15,000.00. Now, given that we already have almost $3,000.00 in donations, we only require another $12,000.00 to meet the budget.

But instead of taking pre-orders at $94.00 AUD per pre-order, we think it is much easier to acquire 12 donors for $1,000.00 each on the basis of them receiving one copy of the package each. Now these donors can be congregations, a group of people, or other funding institutions (such as the Scottish heritage groups etc.), or even individuals. Of course the 12 donors, would not receive 10 copies of the package, but rather only 1 copy each, but given there will be NO copyright on the recordings or materials, they would be free to distribute the material as they wish.

Some of the management team in the project will cover the production costs for the 12 donors’ packages.

Once the project is completed, we will actually put the MP3’s for free online along with soft-version files of the text and booklets, however if someone wants the complete production package, then we will need to at least charge cost price for production and postage & handling.

If you can think of any congregation/denomination or other donor sources who would consider donating $1,000.00 to this cause it will be very beneficial, however we do understand it is still hard to acquire that much funding from one entity.

You can visit for more information regarding the new budget plan and feel free to forward this email on.

In Christ,

Joel Scot

Project Psalms

From the producers of Project Psalms…

From the producers of Project Psalms:

Project Psalms

This project was started in August 2011 and is thought to be one of the most effective ways to learn the Psalms and also to improve Psalm singing. It is an ideal tool for you and your family and even your congregation.

The project does however still require a lot more funding to proceed with the recordings and production costs. They provide a pre-order option in which you can “donate” by pre-ordering. The project only requires a total of 300 pre-orders and already has 26. Please visit to pre-order or donate.

There are five key features of this project which make it different and more effective than any other Psalms project produced today or in the past; these include:

1. Solo voice (tenor) – This enables the recordings to act as an electronic lead (or Precentor) that people can easily learn from and sing along to. In their market research, when it comes to actually learning the Psalms to sing, having four-part harmonies or a choir setting is more distracting and makes it harder for the average person to learn the main melody line.

2. One tune per Psalm – This is quite unique in that it really helps with keeping the internal consistency of the words in the Psalms and also aids in remembering a Psalm by associating a single tune to it. In total there will be 184 tunes (150 + 21 (for the additional parts in Psalm 119) + 13 (for the Psalms with two versions in the Scottish Psalter)). Of course if people want to mix and match tunes later, they have the liberty to do that.

3. High-definition recordings – This further allows for clarity in the tone of the voice and will also enable people to hear and understand the words clearly even without a song book in front of them. Unfortunately many recordings of Psalms in song are of poor quality and in many cases not understandable, or they are in four part harmony or choir settings which makes it difficult to understand many words.

4. Comprehensive – These recordings will cover every verse of the Psalms, and will be including both versions of the 13 Psalms which have two versions in the Scottish Psalter of 1650. To date there is not a recording package of all the Psalms in song in English with internal consistency.

5. Devotional – Not only is this the most efficient tool for learning to sing the Psalms, it is also providing devotional and contextual notes which can heighten the intimacy people can have with the Psalms and therefore with Christ. This enables families and individuals to reflect on the Psalms with clarity and is a great aid to their devotional life.

The project is currently endorsed Dr. Francis Nigel Lee ((Professor-Emeritus Queensland (Presbyterian) Theological College (Seminary), Australia), Rev. David Silversides (Pastor, Loughbrickland RPCI, Ulster, UK) and Rev. J. Glenn Ferrell (Pastor, First OPC, San Francisco, CA, USA), and all donations will be under 3rd party review by Daniel Scot (Director of Ibrahim Ministries International (

You can listen to Psalm 23 on their website at

The final package from Project Psalms will include:

– A 15 Audio CD set with the first-ever comprehensive recordings of the metrical Psalms (including 2 versions for 13 of the Psalms) as found in the original Scottish Psalter of 1650 (sung unaccompanied by a professional tenor).

– A 4 MP3 CD set with the same recordings but in MP3 format.

– A hard-copy booklet containing the Scottish Psalter of 1650 text and also devotional and contextual notes by John Brown of Haddington.

– A hard-copy booklet containing the sheet music for the tunes used throughout the recordings.

– A soft-copy booklet (on the last MP3 CD) with sheet music and the Scottish Psalter of 1650 text in one PDF for easy reading of both the tune and the text together; ideal for iPad’s and the like.

This project will be a powerful resource for generations to come. Please prayerfully consider pre-ordering or donating. You can learn more about the project at

Project Psalms

This sounds like a wonderful project that I would like to give my full support to. Go to the Project Psalms website and listen to the sample recording. If you are able to contribute financially, please do so. This will be a very helpful tool in the promotion of Psalm singing throughout the world.

From their website:
The main purpose of Project Psalms is to provide the simplest and most effective tool for learning to sing and memorize the Psalms, initially in English; as a result of learning and singing the Psalms with understanding and zeal, we believe it will strengthen the English-speaking Church unto victory. It is also our desire, God-willing, that at a later stage we will be able to provide a similar tool in Chinese and other major languages across the world.

How was Project Psalms conceived?

Project Psalms was conceived simply by observing that there was a lack of an effective tool for learning the Psalms, meanwhile realizing that God has blessed us with technology and means of communication in this age which could spread an effective tool such as this to His glory. As a result, Project Psalms was underway with the help of just a handful of people around the globe who had the same goal in mind, and each using their gifts, contributed their time and wisdom towards this end. Then, through God’s providence Project Psalms is now almost ready to reach its goal.

Is Project Psalms linked to any particular denomination or congregation?

Project Psalms is not linked to any particular denomination or congregation. We believe all believers in the Universal Church are called to sing Psalms, therefore it is our desire that all denominations and congregations benefit from Project Psalms.

Where may I learn more about the Scottish Psalter of 1650, Psalmody and unaccompanied worship?

You may learn more about the Scottish Psalter of 1650 by visiting, Psalmody by visiting, and unaccompanied worship by visiting