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Exclusive Psalmody Churches

The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Oswego, NY
Belle Center, OH, Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA)
Christ Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church of Wylie, TX (RPCGA)
Dallas Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA) meeting in McKinney, TX
First Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) of San Francisco, CA
Knox Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) of Lansdowne, PA
Emmaus Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Fort Collins, CO
All Saints Reformed Church  of Brea, CA (RPCNA)
Topeka Reformed Baptist Church, KS
American Presbyterian Church (APC) congregations
Emmanuel Chapel (RPCNA) – Dayton, TN
Faith Presbyterian Church Reformed of Rowlett, TX
Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) congregations
Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), USA congregations
– Atlanta, GA:
– Greenville, SC:
– Mebane, NC:
– St. Louis, MO:
Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland North America congregations
Free Reformed Churches of North America mostly Psalms but maybe not EP?
Pageland Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA), Pageland, SC
Protestant Reformed Church (PRCA) congregations
Presbyterian Reformed Church (PRC) congregations
Puritan Reformed Presbyterian Church, San Diego, CA
Reformation Church of Blue Bell, PA (RCUS) – predominantly Psalms
RPCNA congregations
Heritage Netherland Congregations sing many Psalms in worship
Puritan Reformed Church of La Crosse, WI (still meeting?)
Christ Presbyterian Church (RPCNA) of Grandview, MO
Wisconsin Free Presbyterian Church of West Bend, WI
Crossville, TN – Grace Chapel
Puritan Scripturalist Church of Phoenix, AZ
Westminster Reformed Presbyterian church (RPCNA) of Prairie View, IL
Reformation Church of South Texas. We are in Hebbronville, Texas. Contact: Fred T. Di Lella, (Cell) 307-421-6562, (Email)
Liberty Baptist Church Reformed, Wampum, PA (40 miles northwest of Pittsburgh)
North Alabama EP plant, contact email is:

Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP), Halifax, NS
Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland North America congregations
Vancouver Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland
Calgary Presbyterian Church
FPCS Chesley Congregation
FPCS Congregations in Canada

United Kingdom / British Isles
The Directory of Psalm Singing Churches in the United Kingdom

Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) congregations
Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland congregations
Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland congregations

Covenant Protestant Reformed Church (CPRC) of N. Ireland
Limerick Reformed Fellowship of Limerick City, Ireland
Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland (RPCI)
Arran Reformed Baptist Church of Dublin, Ireland
Whiteabbey Congregational Church (Reformed)
1 Glenville Road, whiteabbey, County Antrim Northern Ireland uses exclusively the Scottish Psalter of 1650 (no music accompaniment). Sun 11.30 & 6.30.

Eglise Réformée Evangélique, 141 route de Rennes, 44700 Orvault, France (A church plant of the RPCI)

Crosslanes Chapel
Emmanuel Church Salisbury
Stockton-on-Tees Presbyterian Reformed Church
The Dales Evangelical Church
Fole Reformed Evangelical Chapel North Staffordshire

Australia / New Zealand / Tasmania
Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia Congregations
Reformed Presbyterian Church of Australia Congregations
The Gospel Presbyterian Church, Adelaide, South Australia

Reformation Presbyterian Church – Australia Presbytery

Southern Presbyterian Church congregations

Pilgrim Covenant Church

Anugraha Reformed Presbyterian Church, Bangalore

South Africa

Christian Reformed Fellowship (Baptist)

Howick, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland Congregations (From )

The links above are provided for the education and edification of those interested in exclusive psalmody.  Hopefully you won’t find anything weird, unorthodox or inappropriate, but if you do please let us know.


37 thoughts on “Church Locator”

  1. Hi,
    Just so you know that Knox OPC in Lansdowne, PA is most definitely EP, so you can take off the “I think…” in the listing. – Thanks.

  2. Mark,

    I am located in Bangalore, India. I am doing my study on RPW/Sola Scriptura. I am listening to Brian Schwertley and am reading a book written by Michael Lefebvre ( I plan to read other books by Schwertley and Williamson etc.

    Thanks for your site. I think even though EP/Acapella is an extremely isolated practice today, it seems to have the greatest scriptural support to it.

    Just one question: This is more from my wife. If Biblical worship in the New Covenant excludes uninspired songs and musical instruments, can it have a negative effect on its adherents at all? Can, say, the children of EP practicing churches, who are interested in music (instruments implied) be drawn towards secular instrumental music since they have no opportunity to use their talents unto God in worship?

  3. Venkatesh,

    From your blog content, you live in India, right? I am the one who has been working away on the Google Maps. I am not yet familiar with the situation in India, but rest assured, I do intend to research the area.

    For example, this page from the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America suggests that they have some presence in India.

    One of my hopes for my work is to assist in networking. You indicate that you are still considering the exclusive psalmody position. What ever you decide, perhaps I can learn of solid ministries in your area, if you don’t have one already (and I don’t mean to presume).


  4. Venkatesh,

    I am so grateful the website has been helpful to you. I was amazed to see the population of your city is 5.4 million people! I live near Dallas, TX and I think the population of the surrounding area is close to that. Maybe Tim can help locate some Psalm singers near you.

    Your question is a good one so I will post it on the Q and A page to see if we can get some response.

  5. Tim,

    Thanks for the comments. I would say at this point of time I very much lean towards the EP position. I do have some doubts, but I think they are not insurmountable.

    There is only one reformed church in Bangalore ( I am part of this church but we have not yet embraced the EP position.

    I think I do know the RP mission work being talked about in RP website. But there is no RP church in India.


  6. Mark,

    Thanks for posting that question on the blog. I would be definitely interested in the answers! Look forward to them.

    Yes, my city is densely populated and the need for ministry is immense – even though it is sometimes called the ‘Wheaton of India’ by the virtue of being the Indian bible-belt. Charismatic/Pentecostal Christianity along with Methodism is mainstream here. Reformed Theology is unheard of. Hence the paucity of Reformed Churches.


  7. Dear brother,
    I’ve just come across your fine website and we’re going to link to it from our special page on Psalm-singing.
    Could you please 1) add the Limerick Reformed Fellowship (
    and 2) change the name of our church (on from Covenant Protestant Reformed Church (CPRC) of Ireland to Covenant Protestant Reformed Church (CPRC) of N. Ireland

    Best wishes in Christ,

  8. ReformedNB,

    Will do! Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church of New Braunfels, TX has recently been established as a Mission Church by the New Geneva Presbytery of the RPCGA. You can learn more about the church at . The church has been added to the North American map above.


  9. There are Free Presbyterian Churches of Scotland that sing Psalms only in New Zealand. based in Auckland, Tauranga, Gisborne, and Wellington. They also have Psalm only singing in the Free Presbyterian Churches of Scotland in Australia, based in Sydney and Grafton also.

  10. Hi SB, this is Tim Lindsay. I put together the Google maps (they are a separate website, but certainly friendly toward the great work Rev. Koller is doing here). You can see the Australia/NZ churches listed here:

  11. Excellent resource as I must move from this foreign land of unregulated worship (Portland, OR area) to a church area where it is, particularly TN or FL. Any additional help is welcomed. Thanks.

  12. Thank you very much Tim. I discovered this yesterday to my utter surprise. Have already made contact and I and others in my area who are interested will meet with them this week. Blessings! Greg

  13. Greg, I am so glad to hear that. I hope that you can be an encouragement to other folks in Oregon who desire Biblical worship.

    1. Tim, we now have an exclusive psalm-singing church in Portland called Portland Reformed Church. Would you please add us to the list of exclusive psalmody churches? Church contact information is through me, Greg Long, at 360 433 5883 or Darrin Bobier at 714 504 7864. Thank you so much Tim.

  14. For the information of readers and to avoid any confusion, the Portland Reformed Church mentioned by Greg Long is in no way connected with any official church plant sponsored by the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA). The Portland Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship, which was a church plant of the Seattle RPC initiated in Portland, OR in July 2013, was officially closed by the Seattle RPC Session in October 2014.

    Tom Deibert
    Member of Seattle RPC

  15. Know of any RPW/exclusive Psalmody churches in the middle east? Israel excluded as I already know there is one there.

  16. The Shelter Reformed Church (RPCNA) in Edmonton Alberta Canada is EP and Accapella. All Canadian RPCNA Churches are required in worship to be EP Accapella.

  17. I know there are several churches who sing psalms in Texas, but does anyone know of a church that only sings psalms on Houston, Tx? My husband and I are not able to find anything in our area, the only churches near us are 200+ miles away. Any info will help, thank you!

    1. Shannah, there is a Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland in Sante fe, not far from Houston. Also I know of two families in Houston that want to start an RPCNA plant. Email me and I can get you in touch with them. We would love to get an RP work started there. My email is

    2. Shannah, are you still interested in meeting Psalm singing families in your area? We have made some new contacts, please get in touch with me if you are interested.

  18. Thanks for the reply Tim, they are not EP, but they do sing some Psalms. I have actually been in contact with their pastor, Sebastian Heck.

  19. The Free Reformed Churches of North America – effectively Exclusive Psalmody. In 5% of worship services, the Ten Commandments or “Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow” might be sung, but the other five selections would be from the Psalms. In the other 95% of worship services, all six songs are Psalms.

    Also, The Free Reformed Churches of North America should definitely be added to the Canada list as most of their congregations are located in Canada

  20. I tried to find out information about
    Westminster Presbyterian Church in the US (WPCUS) congregations. What I found out is that they disbanded years ago and are now defunct, along with their website listed above. Should be removed from this list, please.

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