Some new works added…

These works have been added to the James Begg Society website. All are compiled and posted here: In Spirit and in Truth:An Anthology of Christian Worship, Compiled by Michael Marzan-Esher Published by The James Begg Society © 2003

Reasons wherefore Christians ought to Worship God in Singing His Praises not with the Matter and Sense of Dr. Watts’ Psalms and Hymns, but with the Matter and Sense of David’s Psalms; Because God has Commanded the Latter, but not the Former.  Author unknown (1759)

Singing of Psalms, The Duty of Christians under the New Testament. By Thomas Ford (1652)

A Gospel Ordinance concerning the Singing of Scripture Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs. By Cuthbert Sidenham (1653)

Reasons for and against Singing of Psalms in Private or Publick Worship. By David Rees (1737)

An Essay on Psalmody. By William Romaine (1775)

The Psalmody of the Church. By Josias Chancellor (1873)

The Pattern on the Mount. By Walter Scott (1877)

Inspired Psalmody. By H. C. R. Bazely (1878)

The Psalms of David the only Inspired and Authorized Service of Praise. By Rev. S. P. Stewart (1893)

Extract from “The Character of a Godly Man.” By Thomas Watson (1666)