New items available:

Sing the PsalmsNew information from the Sing the Psalms website has arrived:

These three items have become available this week:

1) Volume 9 of the Worthy to be Praised series of CDs – available from the website

2) A reprint of the red split-leaf psalter in Staff notation (now only £10) at

3) A kindle edition of The Psalms of David in metre (by Dr R J Dickie) is now on Amazon.  Click here:  Metrical Psalms (Kindle Edition)

On the website you will find a new page entitled Scottish Psalter featuring two valuable and complementary articles on this subject, by Dr Robert J Dickie and Mrs Isobel Scott.  You may also be interested in a new link on our links page to the Spanish Metrical Psalms.”

We pray the recordings will be a blessing to all who listen to them, and bring glory to God who alone is “Worthy to be Praised”.


New Audio Online…

Singing Psalms, Lucas Hanna

New Audio Online…

Psalmody in Worship, Nathan Eshelman
Exclusive Psalmody, Traditional or Scriptural, Gavin Beers
What is Biblical Praise, Attitude and Psalmody, Kenneth Stewart
Psalmody, God’s Guide to Just Sentiments, Dennis Prutow
Instruments in Worship, Jason Ryce
Objections to Exclusive Psalmody, Jason Ryce
Exclusive Psalmody, Shane Sapp
Psalmody and Submission, Charles Brown
The Sufficiency of Psalmody, by Trevor Kirkland