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Exclusive Psalmody Debate, Gordon-Prutow


A cordial informative edifying discussion/debate on the Question: Should we sing psalms exclusively in worship?
Dr. T. David Gordon, Grove City College Prof, takes the negative.
Dr. Dennis Prutow, RPTS Emeritus Prof, takes the affirmative.
Opening Presentations (20 Minutes Each)
Rebuttals (10 Minutes Each)
Debaters Examine Each Other (10 Minutes Each)
Rebuttals/Closings (15 Minutes Each)
Audience Q&A Not Recorded


The Book of Psalms for Worship


Las Vegas Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA)

From their website:

Las Vegas Reformed Presbyterian Church is a growing body of worshipers consisting of believers and their children officially taken under care of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA) in late 2012.

As part of the RPCNA, we enjoy the supervision and support of the Pacific Coast Presbytery, the regional body of churches to which we belong. We are directly overseen by the session at All Saints Reformed Presbyterian Church in Brea, CA.

At present we are a fellowship, or a church in the making.  We have not called a pastor as of yet,  faithful pastors and teachers of the Reformed Presbyterian Church visit from week to week to dispense the means of grace to us.


8237 Golf Club Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89145Gate Code:
key key 0053

Service Times:
11:00am – Morning Service
12:30pm – Fellowship Lunch
2:00pm – Afternoon Service

 Contact Information:
Call us 702 606 9286

Pastor Jerry O’Neill of the RPCNA teaching (with Edgar Ibarra translating) on the subject of exclusive psalmody in Argentina

October 2013 meeting of the Midwest Presbytery of the RPCNA: Pictures

10 2013 Jonathan Leach elected

Jonathan Leach was elected as the Moderator for the meeting

10 2013 Daniel Hemken examined

Daniel Hemken is examined by the Presbytery

10 2013 Bob McFarland introducing the Dallas church plant

Bob McFarland introduces the Dallas Fellowship as a new church plant

10 2013 Joe Allyn examined

Joe Allyn is examined by the Presbytery

10 2013 Joe Allyn taking his vows

Joe Allyn takes his ministerial vows before the Presbytery


Kyle Borg pronounces his first benediction after his ordination service.


Daniel Hemken preaching

image (1)

Daniel Hemken taking his ministerial vows before the Presbytery

image (2)

Sunset descending into Dallas on Thursday evening

Enjoyed this post about Psalters from the Heidelblog


The Book of Psalms for Worship

The Book of Psalms for Worship

Psalters! from the Heidelblog.

Here are some selections:

“The Reformed and Presbyterian churches were Psalm singing churches from the beginning. We translated the Psalms into the language of the people and set them to tunes for use in public worship. For at least 150 years Psalms were virtually the only thing sung in public worship by the Reformed and Presbyterian churches.” here

“The bottom two Psalters are two of my favorites. Both are published by the RPCNA (Crown and Covenant). The red Psalter (The Book of Psalms for Singing) is the older and the blue (The Book of Psalms for Worship) is newer. We have the red Psalter in the chapel at WSC and I’ve used the blue Psalter worshipping with my RPCNA brothers and sisters with much joy and profit. Both are skillfully and carefully done. I commend them for your use.” here

“That we have this abundance of Psalters is a wonderful thing. My students were thrilled to see that they exist—that they aren’t just history or theory—and that they can be put to use in the corporate worship of God. I am encouraged and I hope you are also.” here

Church planting: The families of the Dallas RPCNA church plant

The families of the Dallas, TX RPCNA plant

The Dallas, TX RPCNA Plant

The Dallas, TX RPCNA Plant