UPDATE on Project Psalms

I received the following update from Project Psalms:

Dear All,

We just wanted to let you know that by the grace of God we are back in the studio in Brisbane, QLD, Australia and are now working our way through recording the Psalter.

The project was delayed due to lack of funding, but by the grace of God we have managed to get back on track and continue recording. So far, Psalm 1 up to Psalm 31 in their entirety (every verse/stanza accounted for) have been recorded.

We hope to get up to Psalm 60 with our current funds and are continually looking for more funding to complete the project.

The budget for the project was re-visited and has been restructured and was managed to work to reduce the overall estimated costs. Our initial budget estimate was >$27,000.00, however if we can do most of the CD duplication and production of the package in-house in smaller quantities, the budget cost can reduce to <$15,000.00. Now, given that we already have almost $3,000.00 in donations, we only require another $12,000.00 to meet the budget.

But instead of taking pre-orders at $94.00 AUD per pre-order, we think it is much easier to acquire 12 donors for $1,000.00 each on the basis of them receiving one copy of the package each. Now these donors can be congregations, a group of people, or other funding institutions (such as the Scottish heritage groups etc.), or even individuals. Of course the 12 donors, would not receive 10 copies of the package, but rather only 1 copy each, but given there will be NO copyright on the recordings or materials, they would be free to distribute the material as they wish.

Some of the management team in the project will cover the production costs for the 12 donors’ packages.

Once the project is completed, we will actually put the MP3’s for free online along with soft-version files of the text and booklets, however if someone wants the complete production package, then we will need to at least charge cost price for production and postage & handling.

If you can think of any congregation/denomination or other donor sources who would consider donating $1,000.00 to this cause it will be very beneficial, however we do understand it is still hard to acquire that much funding from one entity.

You can visit http://www.projectpsalms.com/Pledging.html for more information regarding the new budget plan and feel free to forward this email on.

In Christ,

Joel Scot

Project Psalms


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