Church Planting

This page is intended to promote the planting of Reformed Presbyterian churches that practice exclusive Psalmody. You are invited to add your name or group if you would like to meet like-minded people in your area.

15 thoughts on “Church Planting”

  1. North Northumberland /Southern Scotland-Borders

    I am a retired congregational minister (Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches) I retired on health grounds in Aug 2008

    I was the minister of a reformed/reforming church which dates back to 1770 and George Whitefield.

    Anyway, I am much better now and have been praying for the Lord to raise up a church here.

    I am not classically Presbyterian but believe in the godly rule of Elders. I am a belivers in the Savoy Declaration and Cambridge Platform with exclusive Psalmody.

    I would be glad to meet any others in this part of the world with a view to worship and possibly church “planting”
    Do you know or know of any such people?

    Rev. Victor S. Hope LL.D.
    Tofts Lane
    TD15 2XR

    Tel. +44 (0)1289 386427

  2. Seeking the Lord’s favor to plant a church in southern Indiana that is committed to:
    1. Calvinism
    2. Confession
    3. Covenant theology
    4. Exclusive Psalmody
    All to the praise of Christ.

  3. My name is Robert L. “Rob” Stovall, and I’m presently seeking the Lord’s favor and guidance in establishing a psalm-singing Presbyterian work in the Tidewater area of Virginia. The link to my website is:
    Please use the contact information for further correspondence.

    1. Jim, you are pretty close to two RPCNA churches to your north. You may already be familiar with them, one in Stillwater and one in Enid. It looks like you are about an hour away from the Enid church.

      1. A Reformed Presbyterian church here in town would be very nice though! The more Reformed churches the better!

  4. Elder Wanted

    Hello Everyone,

    We are a very small Christian fellowship based in the Worcestershire area of the UK. We meet together on the Lord’s Day to, hear, preach, and teach the word of God; to pray together; to partake of the Lord’s Supper; and to have Christian fellowship.

    As a body of believers we hold to the ‘Westminster Confession of Faith.’

    We are looking to grow (both spiritually and in number) into a traditional Reformed Presbyterian Church.

    We believe in Reformed Theology:

    Covenant Theology.
    Sabbath keeping.
    Sovereign Grace.
    The ‘Five Points of Calvinism.’
    The ‘Five Solas.’
    The ‘Regulative Principle of Worship.’
    A Presbytery of elders (pastors).

    We observe the Sacraments of:

    The Lord’s Supper.

    The bible that we use in our worship and services is the ‘King James

    We are currently looking for an elder (pastor) to help (volunteer) grow; teach;shepherd our fellowship. If anyone is insterested, then please contact me at:

    God bless,


  5. Hi, Everyone:
    We are a group of Chinese speaking Christians in Irvine, California and is in the process of forming a RP church in the Chinese community here. If you know anyone who is interested in joining us, please let us know. And most importantly pray for us that our Lord may open doors in Irvine for His church.
    Grace and Peace
    hsing tang

  6. Hello.

    I would like to worship in an EP church around Budapest in Hungary or somewhere in this area.
    To any discussion I am open for.
    Church planting is the only option. I know one family with the same need and myself. We all have only family worship option for now.

    Ádám Demjén

  7. Lifting up God’s Standard in worship and in sound doctrine in Batumi, Georgia (the country) by the Black Sea.
    It would be wonderful to worship together with like-minded brethern.

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