New website for RPCNA exploratory work in Houston, TX

The Houston Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship is an exploratory work of the Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA) in Houston, Texas.

The aim of everything we are and do is “to glorify God and enjoy Him fully.” We are fully committed to the authority of the Bible as the inerrant, infallible Word of God. While we are eager for his return, we do not wait until then to joyfully recognize Jesus Christ as King and Lord of all.


Worship Services are every 4th Lord’s Day of the month, 5:30pm at Home2Suites in Pearland, TX. 13923 South Fwy, Houston, TX 77047.

Bible Study, Prayer, Psalms, and Fellowship

We meet for Bible study, prayer, Psalm singing, and fellowship every Lord’s Day afternoon at 2:30pm. Please contact us for the location details.


One thought on “New website for RPCNA exploratory work in Houston, TX”

  1. God bless every church and ministry that shares the Good News of Salvation! As a disciple of Jesus Christ and a participant in the Houston, Texas, congregation of, I pray for harmony among all those who see him as their Lord and Savior. I fervently hope that we will put aside our differences and unite in God’s love!

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