2 thoughts on “New EP congregation: Portland-Vancouver Fellowship”

  1. Hi Greg,
    are you part of a Reformed denomination at all?
    I am Reformed E.P and might be moving from Bristol in the U.K to the Portland area this year with my family and was interested to see your fellowship was registered here.
    Any information about the fellowship would be greatly appreciated.
    Also i see a face book posts dating back to 2014 about a R.P.C.N.A fellowship meeting in Portland , south west area, are you aware of them?
    If so do you know if they still gathering?
    If you were able to send an email danramsay@hotmail.co.uk it would be much appreciated,


  2. Wanted to add an exciting update here. There is a group of families that are currently meeting weekly in the Portland area to sing Psalms, pray, and study the Westminster Standards. We are in close contact with the RPCNA, FCC, and FPCS as we are seeking a path to form a congregation! Our meetings are on weeknights, and sometimes Saturdays (it changes a bit week to week). I spoke last week with a minister on the Church Extension (church-planting) Committee of Pacific Coast Presbytery of the RPCNA, and they have been praying for us, and hope to be discussing a path forward for our congregation in their upcoming Presbytery meeting in March 2020. Please contact me at (360) 624-742 for more details!

    In Christ,
    Joshua Köhler

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