New Location: Vancouver Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland

Vancouver Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland
Burnaby Community Room
3605 Gilmore Way,
Burnaby, BC
Canada V5C 4S8

Vancouver Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland

We are a Reformed church in Vancouver, BC, Canada, adhering to the original Westminster Confession and Standards with its covenanted uniformity in doctrine, worship and government. Our church has joined the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, a direct descendant of the historic Church of Scotland of the Reformation.

We cherish:

Puritan piety
Worship regulated by the Word of God with a Capella singing and exclusive psalmody
Calvinistic doctrines of Grace
The Presbyterian form of governance

Service Times: Lord’s Day 9:30 a.m. & 6:30 p.m.

Location: We are currently reviewing public meeting places. In the meantime, are worshiping at different locations in Greater Vancouver.

Please contact us to find out our current meeting location.

Here is what you can expect when you come to one of our services:

We aim for reverence in our worship.
The preaching of God’s Word and prayer are central components of our worship.
We use the Scottish Metrical Psalter for our singing (without instrumental accompaniment).

Our standard order of service is as follows:

Opening Psalm
Scripture Reading
Closing Psalm


2 thoughts on “New Location: Vancouver Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland”

  1. Sounds like a worthy effort, and may King Jesus bless it! Only one *historical* correction: The FPCS is primarily a descendant of the 1690 Revolution Kirk. It *might*, but I don’t know this one way or another, have some congregations, even yet, that came into the Free Church in 1876 from the New Light RP Synod, and then went FPCS in 1892. That would be the only way there’d be direct descent from the Second Reformation Kirk. Only the Reformed Presbyterian Church has that claim.

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