Make a Joyful Noise: the Metrical Psalms, a Musical Traditions program by the BBC

This program looks very interesting, covering the history, translation and use of the Metrical Psalter. I have had several people recommend it to me but I can’t get the videos to play on my computer. (I have updated my browser and player, but still not working.)

First, what are your opinions of the portrayal of the Metrical Psalter by the BBC? Does anyone know if these videos are available anywhere else on the internet?


6 thoughts on “Make a Joyful Noise: the Metrical Psalms, a Musical Traditions program by the BBC”

  1. Where do we find a link to these programmes? By the way, the man in the bottom photo looks like the Rev. Dr. W. Norris S. Wilson, Professor of Old Testament at the Reformed Theological College in Knockbracken, Northern Ireland. He’s also the minister at the Drimbolg Reformed Presbyterian Church.

  2. Well, I can’t get them to work either (having found the site). Next question: anyone have any idea how I might get a copy of this half-hour documentary from BBC4 in a format that will play DVD Region 1?

  3. A number of these people in the video I know. A number of them are from the Dervock RP Church in Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland. I did a pulpit exchange with Norris Wilson in the summer of 1995.

  4. Phil,

    I’m glad to hear that my lack of computer skills is not the problem. Maybe we can get some help in getting copies of this program.

  5. It plays for me here in Northern Ireland where I live. I imagine it’s a digital rights issue in that IP addresses outside the UK are blocked. I had a look at a couple of the clips – Children learning the Psalms, the case for updating the Psalter, an example of an how you translate from the Hebrew for a revision of the Psalter

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