Volume 8 of “Worthy to Be Praised” is now available

Volume 8 of the Worthy to be Praised series is now available:

Of the twelve tunes featured, many are old favourites such as Stracathro, Crimond and Martyrs while some, like Shere and St James, may be an inspiration to learn new tunes for praise.

Volume 1 is back in stock now too, and there are new sample singings on the home page as well as discounts for CD bundles.

“It is our prayer that listening to the CDs will not only improve our family and congregational singing, but also prove a blessing as we hear the precious words of the psalms sung clearly and with expression”

From the Website for Worthy to Be Praised:

“Sing the Psalms with Worthy to be Praised

In this site we wish to share with you our enthusiasm for Psalm Singing and to tell you about the Worthy to be Praised  series of Psalmody CDs.  While many Psalmody CDs exist, these are unique, having one disc of beautiful Psalm Singing and one disc to teach the  harmonies for these tunes.

The discs, which have a distinctively Scottish flavour, are attractively produced and make ideal gifts.  With appeal to all ages, they have been used successfully in home education and in Church Psalmody Classes for both children and adults.

The words are all from the 1650 Scottish Metrical Version of the Psalms, which can be obtained by clicking on this link.  From Volume 4 onwards, Disc 1 also contains four extra tracks with Scottish Gaelic Psalm Singing and one extra track of children’s voices.

The Worthy to be Praised CDs are produced by the Psalmody Committee of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing).  All proceeds from sales on this website will be transferred to the church to cover the costs of production and finance future recordings.

The CDs are also now available at Blythswood Bookshops (Portree and Dingwall),  Stornoway Religious Bookshop, FP Bookroom (Glasgow) and CLC Bookshop (Inverness).”


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