The 182nd Synod of the RPCNA is meeting this week…

182nd Synod of the RPCNA
182nd Synod of the RPCNA

I am enjoying fellowship with my RP brothers this week as we are conducting the Lord’s business here in Marion, Indiana. Please continue to pray for our meeting.


3 thoughts on “The 182nd Synod of the RPCNA is meeting this week…”

  1. Do any North American R.P. ministers wear the dog collar any longer? I do not see a single one in evidence in this pleasnt picture! In Scotland among the more conservative presbyterians you will still find the dog collar is quite popular if not universal!

  2. There may be a few in the RPCNA, but not any that I know of. I am fairly new in the RPCNA, however. I didn’t see any this week at Synod. I wore the full collar for about two years and then gave it up. Regarding the RPCNA, maybe someone could fill us in on the history of clergy dress in the denomination.

  3. Another point to mention is that over here in the US there are churches that have “Reformed Presbyterian” in their name that are not in the lineage of the Covenanters. Historically, “Reformed Presbyterian” (RP) has referred to the Covenanter Church descended from the Westminster Assembly and remaining apart from the Established Church of Scotland in 1688. Today, when a church uses “Reformed” and “Presbyterian” together in its name and they are not part of the RP Church (RPCNA), it is confusing to those who are aware of the historical significance of these names.

    As for “Reformed Presbyterian” churches in the US that are not RP, I know there are a number of ministers that wear collars.

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