Psalter Quiz #2, Which Psalter is it?


3 thoughts on “Psalter Quiz #2, Which Psalter is it?”

  1. It is the Bay Psalter from 1640!

    The Bay Psalter of 1640 was the first book published in America. It is representative of several earlier Psalters from England, and was developed because of dissatisfaction with some earlier translations.

    One of the interesting things about the Bay Psalter was in the Preface of the Psalter. This Preface was one of the first defense of singing the Psalms ever published. It can be found here.

    A selection from the Preface to the Bay Psalter:

    “If the verses, therefore, are not always as smooth and elegant as some may desire or expect, let them consider that God’s altar does not need our polish (Ex. 20). We have chosen to respect a plain translation rather than smooth our verses with the sweetness of paraphrase: and thus we have honored conscience rather than elegance, fidelity rather than poetry, in translating the Hebrew words into the English language and David’s poetry into English meter: that so we may sing in Zion the Lord’s songs of praise according to His own will; until He take us from hence, and wipe away all our tears, and bid us enter into our Master’s joy to sing eternal Hallelujahs.”

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