Anyone know of a Psalm singing church in Cambodia?

I have heard from someone looking for a Psalm singing church in Cambodia. Anyone have any leads?


3 thoughts on “Anyone know of a Psalm singing church in Cambodia?”

  1. I am unaware of anything in Cambodia. I can think of two directions to pursue contacts in these somewhat adjacent countries may get one closer to some “real” information.

    1. Richard Bacon of Faith Presbyterian Church Reformed of Mesquite, Texas (a Psalm-singing church) has done some ministry work in Burma/Myanmar. This country is next to Thailand, which is next to Cambodia.

    2. There are two Psalm-singing congregations in Singapore. Singapore is attached to Malaysia. And Malaysia is across the water from Cambodia.

    Information at The only other thing to pursue would be to see if there is any Chinese presence in Cambodia (forgive my ignorance if this just wouldn’t be the case). Do the Chinese send missionaries to Cambodia? There apparently are Psalm-singing congregations in China, although it can be difficult to get information on this, for political reasons. I know someone I might ask, but I wouldn’t be able to post information publicly.

    Sorry, this information is quite indirect, I suppose, but it is all I can recall regarding South Asia.

  2. I have a question. Does anyone know, who gave out the very nice book The Chinese Psalter with tunes this year? i received a copy from the Netherlands.

    Greetings Michael Lohrer

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