Looking for 1650 Psalter in a lower key…

I got the following message recently, anyone know of some recordings like this?

“I have been trying for some time now to obtain a copy of the Psalms from the 1650 Psalter sung by a all male voice choir. Or, alternatively, a mixed choir where the voices are much lower than on most CDs. Basically, the Psalm singing, especially of choirs, that I have heard in the past all seems to me to be extremely high pitched for my ears, so I have been looking for an alternative, but have not been able to find one yet.”


4 thoughts on “Looking for 1650 Psalter in a lower key…”

  1. I don’t know of a CD available. However, there is a tune book soon to be published as a supplement to the 1650 Psalter. The tunes have been kept to “D” or lower in the soprano section for the sake of most congregational singers.

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