3 responses to “Humor

  1. A young ministerial candidate was asked whether his sacramental views comported with those of the Westminster Standards. This line of questioning was a novelty to him, and so he asked for a copy. One was quickly produced, but when it became apparent that he was not going to swear on it, but on the contrary, intended to open and read it, the moderator rebuked him sternly. We have asked if your views are consistent with the Standards, young man, and did not ask you to intrude yourself upon them by considering what they may appear to say. Abashed by his error, the young man apologized and was quickly forgiven.

  2. I suggest that this sectio be called journalistic views or worldy views rather than humour. There is no place for humour in the House of God in my opinion !

  3. this is a web-site, David, not the House of God …

    or were you being funny? Sorry !

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