A Survey and Concise View of Exclusive Psalmody

A Survey and Concise view of Exclusive Psalmody

Las Vegas Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA)

From their website:

Las Vegas Reformed Presbyterian Church is a growing body of worshipers consisting of believers and their children officially taken under care of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA) in late 2012.

As part of the RPCNA, we enjoy the supervision and support of the Pacific Coast Presbytery, the regional body of churches to which we belong. We are directly overseen by the session at All Saints Reformed Presbyterian Church in Brea, CA.

At present we are a fellowship, or a church in the making.  We have not called a pastor as of yet,  faithful pastors and teachers of the Reformed Presbyterian Church visit from week to week to dispense the means of grace to us.


8237 Golf Club Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89145Gate Code:
key key 0053

Service Times:
11:00am – Morning Service
12:30pm – Fellowship Lunch
2:00pm – Afternoon Service

 Contact Information:
Call us 702 606 9286

Recent Posts on Psalmody from the Heidelblog

Sean McDonald has compiled these recent posts from the Heidelblog

On Psalmody:

Some new works on Psalmody

There’s a few more items on the Internet Archive on psalmody. Please note, too, that the different editions of Anderson’s “Vindiciae” have some substantial differences between them.







Thanks Sean McDonald!

Do we really need a Psalter Hymnal? – Donald Poundstone

OPC. (1)A recent article was published on the OPC website New Horizons entitled Do We Really Need a Psalter Hymnal? An exert from the beginning of the article sums up the position of Donald Poundstone:

“Our church’s Psalter-Hymnal Committee deserves credit for translating and versifying the book of Psalms and setting individual psalms to singable music. Sadly, this is the best that can be said for a radical and unnecessary project.”

From general contacts and friends, I have been assured that Mr. Poundstone’s comments reflect a minority opinion among other OPC ministers. Thankfully, the poorly presented material in this article does not reflect the overall position in that otherwise fine denomination.

Dr. Dennis Prutow

Dr. Dennis Prutow

Dr. Dennis Prutow of the RPCNA, an Exclusive Psalmody denomination, presents a very good response here.

Peter J. Wallace of Michiana Covenant PCA presents another response here, though not from the perspective of Exclusive Psalmody. Still, Mr. Wallace has very clearly pointed out a few of the mistakes in Mr. Poundstone’s article. Wallace also presents his view here in the same issue of New Horizons.

Eric B. Watkins writes the article entitled Singing the Psalms with the Psalmist in the New Horizons.

Should we sing anything except the Psalms? – by Mark Fitzpatrick

Nine Psalter Reviews by Logan West

The following Psalter Reviews have been added to the Articles Online page. Thanks to Logan for these insightful reviews!

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